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Memories of the Hunt is more than a group of short stories. It is about making memories over a lifetime. It is written from the perspective of both the hunter and the hunted revealing characteristics and traits they have in common. The desire of the hunter for the trophy and the intense drive of the prey for survival. Intertwined is the need to improve the wildlife population through proper management techniques by “humans” thus strengthening the population from within. Whether a weekend warrior or an avid hunter you will enjoy this book. Its humor, real life experiences, campfire tales, the intensity of the hunt for both the hunter and the hunted can only be told by one who truly loves the “thrill of the hunt” and making memories that last a lifetime. Enjoy these memories and then go make your own.

Steve Goodwin


I have never personally hunted; however I can honestly say after reading these stories I want to hit the woods just to see if I can get a sneak peek of one of Buck’s off springs or better yet catch a glimpse of a Grouse.  I found myself laughing out loud at these stories……they are terrific.  George Frady has a knack for writing about his real life adventures in the woods.  One world to sum up his book “MARVELOUS”!

 Nancy Griffin


I would like to tell you about a book I read lately. The name of the book is “Memories of the Hunt” by George Frady. It was a refreshing book about his experiences and joys of hunting. It is a book you can pick up and put down as you like, because each chapter is a story within it’s self. These stories are very entertaining. They also give women insight into why men like to hunt so much. It’s not just about the hunt many other things are involved. Very entertaining reading, I enjoyed it very much.

Jan Cox, Leesburg, Alabama


Just finished reading  Memories Of The Hunt by George Frady.  I found this collection of stories to be entertaining and thought provoking.      Memories of my youth and hunting adventures I had enjoyed and had not though of for some time came rushing back.  Each story I read reminded me of something I had experienced and laid to rest.  A book such as this should have just that effect.  Friends and flashbacks sometimes leave details a little fuzzy; however the memories are forever there you just need something to help you unlock your thoughts..  A book such as this stirs these emotions and the memories and for this reason alone I am glad I bought  and read every page.  I especially enjoyed the last story “A Bucks Story”.  Having hunted for many years and experienced that same learning curve as Buck but from the other perspective it leaves one to appreciate what it takes to become the best of the best.  It is only fitting that Buck’s life ended as it did. Realizing  that every life has a beginning , a journey and an end.  With that I can do nothing but recommend this book to anyone who has hunted, who wants to hunt or just wants to dream.

Devoy Bell